Some tips to have a more natural beauty, enhancing their traces, without much effort.

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1. Drink more water.

This can look silly, but water is essential to have a hydrated skin, shiny, flawless, and healthy. And of course,help in the growth and hydration of the hair.

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2.Skin Care and Routine.
There are very good products for the skin. It is important to use them weekly or in the timeline that has. The most important: Sunscreen, Moisturizing, Mask and skin cleansing products.

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3. Use Few or Less Makeup.
Makeups can hurt the skin, and accelerates aging. So avoid using unnecessary times.And make sure to clean and moisturize after use.

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4. Eat Healthy Food
Eating is essential to the body, so to keep a face (and body) beautiful, you must eat healthy stuff, as they say, we are what we eat.Foods help hair growth, and the vitamins help to slow aging.

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5. Love Yourself.
Loving yourself is important, because if you are happy with who you are, then you will be happier with your unique beauty, and with people in your back. Lets do what make you happy !. <3

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you are art
you are love
you are beautiful

All the love, Nanda.