okayy let's get started :^)

1. hey violet
must listens: guys my age, like lovers do, unholy, all we ever wanted

hey violet, miranda miller, and nia lovelis image
hey violet

2. hayley kiyoko
must listens: girls like girls, gravel to tempo, cliffs edge

hayley kiyoko image
hayley kiyoko

3. billie eilish
must listens: copycat, bellyache, my boy

black and white, music, and billie eilish image
billie eilish

4. maty noyes
must listens: in my miNd, say it to my face

bedroom, pink, and Relationship image
maty noyes

5. terror jr
must listens: come first, 3 strikes, appreciation

terror jr image
terror jr

and that's all!!
i hope you guys enjoyed this article xx

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