Hello we heart it !

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Since we're starting 2018 I decided that i'll create a new collection where i'll write articles concerning my year.

Why would you follow that collection ?

Well first, it could inspire you and give you some ideas to get the best of your year. Then I think that, by doing that i'll be more motivated to actually keep my resolutions and get the best of my year. Maybe you could try that too !

What you'll find in the collection ?

  • My resolutions
  • 2018 Theme
  • Article related to my resolutions
  • Monthly Goals
  • Monthly Theme
  • Article related to the different life's areas

I hope you'll like it !

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I hope you don't find this collection narcissistic, because i'm really excited about it and if you got any idea of articles or if you're doing anything like this please send me a postcard because i'll like to read them all !

Happy New Year !!