Today i will tell you what my soul searching routine is and how it completely changed my life.

I always do my soul searching in the mornings so i can start my day on the right track. It really helps me to feel positive and to believe in myself.

coffee, book, and morning image

I start off with reading. I make myself a nice cup of coffee and read a few chapters to get inspired and to start my day off learning something.

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After my readings i like to do some meditation. While meditating i like to create a vision of how my perfect day would look like or how i want myself to be in 10 years. It makes me so excited for life and gives me a lot of motivation.

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After my meditation i like to do some writing in my diary. I like to write about what i meditated about and the goals i am making based on those visions.

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And last but not least, love. I like to think about my loved ones and appreciate them. Ofcourse you should always do that, but i think it is really important to take a moment to think about how special they are.

So that includes my soul searching routine. I try to do it every day because it motivates me and gives me the chance to get to know myself a little bit better. If you guys would like an article about what my perfect day would be, let me know.

Have a wonderful day!

- Nicky