Winter from a Canadian girl's perspective (aka me)

  • SNOW
snow, winter, and tree image winter, christmas, and aesthetic image winter, christmas, and snow image hair, snow, and girl image winter, snow, and christmas image snow, cute, and animal image
fashion, coffee, and style image winter, christmas, and cozy image girl, jewelry, and necklace image beautiful, drink, and Hot image christmas, dog, and winter image winter, christmas, and girl image
accessories, coat, and shorts image fashion, girl, and style image Image removed Image removed beige, blue, and design image fashion, clothes, and outfit image
  • FUN
hipster, indie, and lights image beautiful, holidays, and carnaval image mountains, adventure, and nature image girl, snow, and fashion image snow, winter, and love image winter, snow, and girl image
nature, travel, and mountains image ice, nature, and photography image snow, winter, and photography image alone, winter, and writing image snow, winter, and nature image christmas, couple, and girl and boy image

~ Abbey

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