I'm sorry, 2017 can't come to the phone right now, why? Oh, cause she's dead. lol. 2017?? who's she?? do i know her???

okay, i'm gonna stop messing around; here are my top 10 new years resolutions for 2018!

01. post more on instagram.

okay, so many people have shared their "top 9 Instagram posts of 2017" and, you know, I wanted to join in the fun and share my top 9. well, i went on my feed and I realized that I only posted NINE times. 365 days in 2017. and ya girl could only post 9 pictures. that's sad lol, i'll do better this year though.

02. sleep.

zayn malik, one direction, and zayn image zayn malik, zayn, and malik image
sorry, i had to include my husband.

my sleeping pattern in 2017 was horrendous. it's important that i correct that as soon as possible.

03. save money.

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how cute is this piggy bank!?

04. renovate my room.

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my room could be so cute. she has potential. 2018 is her time to shine.

05. write // read more.

my language arts teacher has been keeping my love for literature strong and i crave it more. and more and more.

i'm totally gonna try this out this year.

06. eat better // exercise.

this one kinda speaks for itself, lol.

07. pray more often.

He never fails.

08. study more.

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i have the capabilities to pass my classes with A's. if i just try a bit harder at studying, i can do it. study, bitch.

09. take better care of myself.

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i barely gave myself a break in 2017. now's the time for self love + care!

10. makeup.

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i'm terrible at makeup lol, so i just wanna get better this year.

ah! yes, there's my new years resolutions! 2018 is gonna be a great year, i can feeeeeeeel it.

big love, j❤