Red Velvet is group made by SM that consists of 5 members: Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, Yeri. I decided to make a short article about the group so people know them better.

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I gladly call myself a reveluv since I'm their fan and I love them all equally.

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Red Velvet can be divided into 2 parts; red stands for their playful side in which they show a lot of energie, strength and elegance. Velvet stands for their more serious side in which the songs are soft and shows the girls' feminism.

Members explained individually

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She is the oldest and the leader of the group. Her timid and reserved personality is what makes people love her beside her well known beauty. Despite having a baby face, Irene will turn 27 (int. age) this year.

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She's SM's weapon because of the following reasons: she has a wonderful voice, amazing dancing skills and great visuals. She's the only female idol with mono-lids in her label. Seulgi is in charge of the charisma in the group.

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She was born in Canada and moved later to Korea to pursue her dreams. With amazing vocals she auditioned and became a trainee at SM ent. Wendy is really smart and speaks many languages. Her bubbly and positive personality is what makes people love her.

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She's the second youngest of the group and admitted that she wanted to have a cute-sexy image. Her sweet vocals can melt thousands of people. Joy also played a role in k-dramas.

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She didn't debute with Red Velvet in 2014 but became a member half a year later. Despite being the youngest, Yeri is a savage girl. She's still improving her vocals, rap and dancing skills.

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