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I found this tag here and I wanted to do it myself

1. Who introduced you to the show?


2. How long have you been in the fandom?

Since 2015

3. Who is your favourite male character?

Sherlock Holmes

gif and sherlock holmes image

4. Who is your favourite female character?

Mrs Hudson

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5. Who is your OTP?


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6. Who is the funniest character?

Jim Moriarty

sherlock, moriarty, and andrew scott image

7. Who is the most annoying character?


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8. Which character would you want as your best friend?

Sherlock or Moriarty

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9. Which male character would you want to marry?

Sherlock or John

sherlock, sherlock holmes, and benedict cumberbatch image

10. Who is your least favourite character?

Magnussen again

bbc, Martin Freeman, and john watson image

11. What is your favourite line from the show?

''Honey you should see me in a crown''
''Anderson don't talk, you lower the IQ of the whole street''
''Life is not your own''

13. Who is your favourite actor or actress ?

Andrew Scott (Moriarty)

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