I haven't properly introduced my self to my followers or anyone who lurks on my page :). So I'm gonna do 20+ facts about ME! Hope you enjoy and for the new followers who are now following me, please feel free to ask me questions if you truly want to get to know me. So let's begin!

≻ 1. My name isn't really "Emily" but I prefer people to call me that because Emily was the name of my great, great grandmother and my mom wanted to name me that but they choose a different name. (I'm not gonna give anyone my name until I'm really ready)
≻ 2. I'm 15 years old, a sophomore in high school. My birthday is May 14 if you guys would like to wish me a happy birthday that day ;).
≻ 3. I am a child of 7. I have 3 older half siblings and 3 younger siblings. I'm the middle child or the oldest cause my older siblings lives with their aunt or grandma.
≻ 4. I'm a brunette with brown eyes
≻ 5. I'm Mexican, Italian, German, African, Jordanian, Cuban, Spaniard, Ecuadorian, Palestinian, and Chili (:
≻ 6. The only language I can practically speak is English :/
≻ 7. I'm a very trustworthy person. The only thing you CAN'T trust me with is money
≻ 8. I'm bisexual!!
≻ 9. Max from WOWP was my first celebrity crush then Justin Bieber
≻ 10. My favorite song is Down by Jay Sean
≻ 11. My favorite movie is The Lion King
≻ 12. My dream job is to be a lawyer and fashion designer and do makeup and hair on the side
≻ 13. I have braces (:
≻ 14. My first WHI was created in 2015 and after awhile I decided to make this account on March 3rd of 2017 and I've worked very hard on this account to get to 8+ K and I really appreciate you all for getting me here.
≻ 15. I have an iPhone
≻ 16. I'm 5'4 with a whole lot of attitude
≻ 17. I'm a girl if you guys wanted to know lmao
≻ 18. Favorite subject in school is English
≻ 19. My favorite female singer and actress is Selena Gomez ♡
≻ 20. I don’t like waking up early in the morning

Feel free to message me some questions about me and I'll update this article more so you guys can get to know me even more! Thanks so much for reading!
~ E m i l y ♡