Dear ex,
You turned me into the kind of girl who drinks every night and the kind of girl who settles for boys who treat me like shit because thats the kind of boy you made me think that I deserve. There's no amount of apologies from you that would ever make me forgive you for breaking my heart, but you're still that one person, whether its a month from now or ten years from now, that I'd go back to. Cause at the end of the day you're arms always felt the most like home. But my god have you ever felt homesick for a person?

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When you left me for her, the girl that you told me so many damn times that was just a friend, you completely ruined my happiness. I spent an entire year throwing my body at any man that found me attractive just trying to get you out of my head. Trying to forget the memory of your body on top of mine for two straight years. Trying to forget the way you used to brush my hair behind my ear so gently before you would place your soft perfect lips on mine. Just trying to forget the way you said my name so smoothly and the little smirk that would constantly appear after my name left those lips. Its been an entire year and these things are still floating around my head, and I hate you for it.

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I should have been enough for you and I wasn't, it's like I wasn't good enough. I gave you my everything and you choose her over me, you choose her over our past, you choose her over every fucking thing that we had ever been through. God damn that killed me. You left me sitting here in the dark thinking; did I try hard enough? why wasn't I enough? did I do something wrong? what made you stop loving me? All these questions when really, the only problem was you!

You turned me into the kind of damaged girl where when a man wants to give me what I deserve, I have no idea how to respond. Because they're not you, but why do I still want you after you ripped my hearts to shreds and left me crying on the floor. You were everywhere except right there and it hurt like a gun shot to the stomach. For weeks on end I cried so hard I felt the urge to throw up constantly. I thought you were the last love story I would ever have the audacity to experience, but I now know thats wrong. I am a strong, independent, lovable, beautiful woman that deserves to be treated like a fricken queen. Any boy that doesn't realize that isn't worthy of my time nor my love.

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So to the boy who ruined me, Duncan, I hope you wake up one day and realize that I was the best thing you never had, the one that got away, that one that doesn't give a damn about you anymore. Thank you for shaping me into the woman I am today, hell thank you for forcing me to find myslef and not settle for anything less than that.
Yours truly,

p.s. fuck you Duncan & all the boys around the world who lost the girl of their dreams while chasing the girl of the night