Happy 10th anniversairy!

I want you to know I love you.
And here are reasons why we♥it it is a key to my soul.

1. Inspires me.

drink, food, and bag image food, drink, and strawberry image beautiful, berries, and breakfast image book, sea, and beach image

2. Pushes me to do things.

quotes, charlie, and impossible image
girl, quotes, and fight image diana, quotes, and kardashian image

3. Stuns me with its words.

movie, perks, and story image quotes, conversation, and high image emma watson, quotes, and sexy image book, lake, and reading image

4. Reminds me of what's really important here.

john green, quotes, and special image beautiful, blue, and quote image

5. Shows me I'm not, who I thought I was.

coffee, bitch, and cup image grunge, cute, and Psycho image bad, good, and grunge image black, design, and designer image

6. Changes me.

quotes, rose, and grunge image

7. Makes me fly high with no smoke.

quotes, chanel, and coco chanel image infinite, city, and quote image

8. Convinces me to believe in love.

quotes, wonderful, and words image quotes, soulmates, and grunge image
love, Taylor Swift, and ed sheeran image

9. Turns me on.

hush hush, quotes, and angel image Image by Valen Tomarkin pink, quotes, and quote image cheeky, love, and text image

10. Assures me it's okay to be different.

quotes, darling, and inspiration image school, pajamas, and funny image stranger things, eleven, and dustin image bitchy, boy, and family image

Really. What would I do without you?

P. S.