Do you need inspiration for new songs? Yes? THEN YOU ARE AT THE PERFECT ARTICLE. are you not searching for inspiration you can still read it because it is trash and people like trash (that was sarcasm if you didn't understand it lmao). Enjoy the article ッ

➢ High on humans by Oh Wonder

➢ Body gold by Oh wonder

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All the songs from Oh Wonder are awesome, but these are the more underrated ones that I like the most.

➢ Isle of flightless birds by Twenty One Pilots

➢ Lovely by Twenty One Pilots

➢ Forest by Twenty One Pilots

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And again all the songs from Twenty one pilots are incredible, amazing like I don't know what to say about it just listen to their music and then you will see. And these aren't my favourite songs of them (I still love these songs tho) but these are the most underrated ones that I like the most.

➢ Cool by Troye Sivan

➢ Lost boy by Troye Sivan

➢ Suburbia by Troye Sivan

➢ Too good by Troye Sivan

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Troye Sivan is a really underrated artist, he really needs more recognition like a lot more. Google him or something just listen to some of his music. I promise you, after that you will just love him.

➢ Everybody wants to be famous by Superorganism

➢ Something for your mind by Superorganism

Superorganism is also very underrated but they have like 5 songs I'm not sure tho (sorry if it's wrong lmao) but yeah also check them out.
(There were actually no pictures of them on WHI)

➢ &burn by Billie Eilish, Vince Staples

➢ Hostage by Billie Eilish

➢ Party favor by Billie Eilish

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And again she is very underrated, I'm not going to write a whole story about it, just listen to her music.

That was it for now! Maybe I will do a part 2 because I know like so many more underrated songs.

Demi xx

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