since the new year just started and my friend @sosodu91 did something like this i thought i‘d write a little bit about what I've learned last year as well. we wrote some similar stuff because we're best friends and obviously we talk and learn a lot about life together but she still wrote a lot of important stuff that I didn't. I'll just leave you the link to her article here:

1. Start doing things you wanted to for so long

if you just start doing thing you wanted to in ages you’ll realize how fulfilling it actually is - stop planning things too long and then never actually do them; just start now!

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2. Do more of the things that make you happy

if really like something like art, writing, photography and such stuff but feel like you dont have any time for it anymore because of school or work you should try to take your time for it - at least an hour a week. it‘ll make you feel a lot better.

3. be yourself — love yourself

stop changing for people around you because if they dont accept you the way you really are you dont need them in your life anyway
start accepting you the way you are as hard as this may seem even the smallest changes help a lot! try to tell yourself that it’s okay the way you are and selflove isn’t egoistic at all - it’s necessary. accept yourself and stop trying to be like others - you are you and you are unique the way you are.

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4. stop worrying about everything too much

it’ll turn out good in the end and even if not you’ve still learned something.

5. get people who make you unhappy out of your life

no matter if its a toxic friend or a rude person on the internet; leave or block them - toxic people only make your life harder

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6. dont let others or society push you to do something you dont want to

if you think that something is wrong (at least for you) but its normal in society dont let them push you to it - this is your life and you decide over it, nobody else.

7. stop lying to yourself — be honest to everyone

this is everything I need to say for this point!

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8. your mental health is more important than any grades

if you feel bad in the morning and feel like going to school will only make everything worse it’s okay to stay at home for one day - nothing is more important that your health (physical or mental)

9. try to understand both sides - nothing is only black or white, never.

that’s something thats still hard for me to accept because sometimes people and things just look so completely and obviously wrong to me that i cant accept it but i have to learn that there is always a reason for the way people act like — they’re not just naturally bad.

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this is so important to remember!

10. stop apologizing all the time for things that aren’t your fault

this is pretty self explanatory but still important — you shouldn’t feel guilty for something that isn’t your fault!

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I'm really sorry for my bad writing - English is my third language and I suck at writing in general but I still hope you got why I was trying to say.
Lots of love - melissa <3