Hi everyone,

me and my friends were thinking, what if we came up with a week long challenge where you would dress up in colors of Hogwarts Houses each day.

So, here is the list : (you can change the order based on preferences)

monday : SLYTHERIN

slytherin, harry potter, and hogwarts image green, fashion, and black image green, slytherin, and boy image green, makeup, and make up image
As a Slytherin, you can wear : green, silver, (basic House colors)

tuesday : GRYFFINDOR

gryffindor, red, and aesthetic image girl, fashion, and red image fashion, sweater, and red image aesthetic, alternative, and fashion image
As a Gryffindor, you should wear something red and gold

wednesday : RAVENCLAW

boy, sweater, and vintage image blue, sweater, and vintage image fashion, skirt, and blue image aesthetic, alternative, and fashion image
As a Ravenclaw, you might be wearing blue, silver or bronze

thursday : HUFFLEPUFF

yellow, fashion, and indie image harry potter, hufflepuff, and robert pattinson image aesthetic, bambi, and pale image yellow, aesthetic, and shoes image
As a Hufflepuff, you will be wearing yellow and black

friday : OWN HOUSE

this day is special for every single one of you will be wearing the colors of your own Hogwarts House.

harry potter, hufflepuff, and yellow image grass, green, and skirt image dress, vintage, and red image fashion, blue, and style image

(we are sorry if you will have to wear the same color two days in a row, but you may change this order and if not, be creative. You can wear something comfortable (hoodie) and the next day something classy (dress)).
You may combine black and white color.


we would like to see your creations. You may send the pictures on this instagram account :

Looking forward to seeing your pictures,
Viky and Radka