i don't know if anyone cares but here are some poems and thoughts i wrote down:

forgotten thoughts:

have you ever thought about why the window gets steamed up after a hot shower?
it’s because when you shower and you wash your hair and your face and your body
you wash away all the memories and all the thoughts and all the things you’ve felt and all the things you’ve seen
and these thoughts and running moments want to sneak out
out to a better place
to another person
with totally different feelings and expressions
who has all by chance the exact thought you had a year ago.
it’s your thought
hiding in someone else's head because you didn’t want them to be in yours.

14.Oct 2017

vintage shirt:

cotton sewed together
made for holding hearts
and to keep sadness

down there…

i’m just a tee shirt.
made of cotton
sewed together.
made for being kept on
cold skin
to warm it up…

things change…
there’s no use for me at all
i’ve been thrown away

and now
i’m just an old
hanging on a white hanger

waitin’ for someone to realize me
to take me home and give me love

would you do so?

Fr. 13.Oct.2017

don’t understand, why our society is so hyped when it comes to new year’s eve.
I mean, it is just a year ending and a new one starting to be exhausting and tiering and just bad.

13.Dez 2017

the reason why i play sims is that my life is shitty as fuck and when i play sims i can make great life hahah.

20.Dez 2017

lets drown our problems in alcohol and smoke until our lungs hurt

21.Dez 2017