Hi, everyone! Last night I saw that WHI is 10 years old.
Happy birthday, WHI! I've noticed a lot of people were writing articles for it so I decided to give it a shot as well.

1. WHI is not just an app.

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Allowing me to express myself through images, WHI gave an escape. It made me and it still makes me fee better after a bad day. It helps me understand my emotions better, because I can always find just that special photo that describes exactly what I'm feeling.

2. WHI is my motivation

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Being on WHI almost every single day and hearting a lot of images, I created a canvas for myself to look at whenever I was feeling unmotivated. Creating collections such as fitness and study, I made myself motivated more.

I would even download a few photos and put them as wallpaper on my phone to motivate myself even more.

3. WHI is my community

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Whenever I wanted to see more pictures of someone or something, I knew I would always find them on WHI. Not only that, I also knew I would find an entire community behind those pictures and in that way I could connect with people that like the same things as I do. WHI brought the world closer and made me realize we are not that different at all, we are one big happy WHI family.

To be honest, these three facts about my experience with WHI are the ones that I can remember now. I am certain there are more.

The point is, WHI makes me happy, day in, day out. It makes me feel better, helps me make friends and feel good about myself.

All in all, WHI is my second home.