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|| Hearing a song that holds memories ||

Whether it be a theme song of a movie, series, game or something that you used to listen to a lot, you are bound to feel feelings, sometimes happy ones, sometimes sad. We need both of those feelings to distinguish each other, we need to know what we’ve been through, because it is us, we need to know or remember who we are.

|| Early Mornings ||

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The sky with tinges of black amongst the blue, the birds chirping, the trees and the plants swaying in the breezy morning wind. It’s really beautiful and quite amazing.

|| Reading ||

Reading transports you into another world, it excites you, worries you, it makes you feel! When you look back on what you’ve read, you remember the words the characters said but you also remember scenes; Scenes that your mind has made up and made you feel as if you were there, watching it all. Brilliant!

|| Beverages ||

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Coffee, tea, smoothie. Hot, cold, neither. It’s all good and never fails to put one in a good mood.

|| Singing a verse in a song perfectly ||

Nothing is more satisfying than this, loving a song and singing it perfectly. Be it a rap, a high note or anything. It raises some tingly feeling in one’s chest and turns the corners of their lips upward.

|| Taking photos ||

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A persons vision, seeing it captured so well is one of the best feelings. Though sometimes it’s not as appreciated by others, it is still greatly appreciated by one, as it is.

|| Fruits ||

Eating something that tastes good as well as feels good, is good.

|| Talking about something I love ||

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Talking eloquently is something I thrive in I absolutely adore it. Half of the people that surround me don’t speak English, so I do my intellectual gibberish mostly on the internet, but I greatly enjoy it.

|| Christmas ||

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Oh Christmas. The time of giving, although not entirely about the presents. On this time of year, people are much more kinder and grateful, they give more to others than to themselves, it’s quite noticeable. The towns decorate their streets, Christmas markets start popping up, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

|| Sitting down after a long day ||

That feeling of your muscles finally set on something, your relaxing and bundling up with a drink. Cozy days, the ones craved for the most.


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