If you clicked on this than maybe you have something like this right now oder because you're just interested in it. But thanks for reading!

This whole story started when i was in 7/8th grade and i fell in love with my old best friend who is now my boyfriend... He was kind, sweet, understood me, was everytime there for me but the sad part was that he played with my heart like it was one of his computer games.
He said things that made me really thought he fells in love with me but he had a girlfriend at the moment, he broke up with her and i thought maybe we two could be finally together but then he said that he is in love with a girl from our school and this was the first time he ripped my heart apart.

Two years later on the 29th of march 2017 we came together and only one month after that he cheated on my with my only best friend and she said it to me 1 and a half months after this happend. i gave him another chance even if he broke my heart again.

on the 13rd of december 2017 he broke up with me because we have a lot of arguments and that only because of me because i said what i hate if he does something that hurt me. Then in school about 45 minutes later he talk to one of his good friends and came to me and wanted to GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE, hahaha i didn't do anything, he broke my heart not i. I was the person who should give him a chance not him! So we talked two school lessons down at the toilets and in the evening all classes went to a musical including him and me and because i love him more than anything i said we can try it again.

And yesterday i got to know that he was lying at me for about 4 MONTHS; 4 FUCKING MONTHS. And his excusive was that our relationship don't work out as he wanted to and blablabla he's such liar i can't believe him.

That was my wonderfull story if you want to talk about something and you are in the same situation as me just conact me.
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