Something goes wrong. But I do not know what. I can not see my reflection in your eyes. I can not touch the water. I can not feel its movement.

I am scared. I can not understand what happens. I do not know what happens with my body. My skin is cold and pale.

Everything is black and white. My hair is messy.
And I feel empty. Please, someone can hear my?

I'm losing my mind. I lose my head. I'm trying to find me. But I can not, I can not find my light. Because I'm a scared girl. I'm a scared girl, I'm an Afraid Girl. I have fear.

The lights flicker, the floor is wet. I feel that everyone has forgotten me. I want to scream but the voice does not come out I want to run, but my legs don't respond. I feel my soul is missing. I feel like I want to cry. I feel empty. This is so hard.

The water increases more and more.
I manage to get up and run.
But there are no doors in the room.
I can not break the windows.
The water reaches my shoulders.
Please, someone help me.
I'm drowning.
The water fills my lungs ....
And I do not breathe anymore.