Poetry doesn't come out of happiness,
it comes from overthinking,
or maybe, from not even thinking at all,
you just write down what you feel.
And what you think is for the moment
or maybe
you just wish to live in another world,
out of the standards of normal people,
where you set your own limits
or- you don't set them at all
because imagination allows everything.

wallpaper, ocean, and blue image

Take the thing you love doing the most
and excel in it
because like this,
you might change the world.

Make a masterpiece out of your life.
Set yourself free
feel free to go anywhere
like a bird.
Don't hold yourself back.
Humans are made of water and of stars.
Water doesn't hold still
it fleets, it always moves.
Stars aren't dark.
They shine with all of their power.
They burn, for they will only live once
and die someday.

wolf, art, and drawing image

She is both
hellfire and holywater
devil and angel
storm and peace.
And what she is comes from what you awake in her.

wolf, art, and drawing image

✧For I think that there is meaning to everybodys' life. Everyone deserves to live and to discover themselves and the world.
Always feel free to DM me if you need somebody to talk or if you want to find online friends :)