This is a part 2 to my article where I talked about some of my personal favorite shows to watch. It has been a while since the last article and I have watched so many new shows within the past few weeks.

Criminal Minds

The BAU department of the FBI battle countless crimes all across the country. Learn about the behaviors of the killers, kidnappers and more.

The Flash

After a CSI gets struck by lightning after a Particle Accelerator explodes he gets super speed! With these new powers he decides to protect his city from villains who also got powers.


Cousin of Superman, Kara gets sent to Earth to protect her cousin but was thrown off track and didn't reach Earth for several years. When she made it to Earth she lived a semi-normal life until an accident forced her to reveal her powers. Now, Supergirl protects her city from Aliens, works with the government and works for a Media company.


After stranded on an island for 5 years, he returns to his city. He becomes a vigilante who protects his city by killing those who have wronged it.

All of these shows can be found of Netflix and I believe that all of them are still ongoing.

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