I clearly don't know how to write articles, because today I was looking at the other people ones and they were so bright and had a lot of pictures, but well be confident it is all that is written.

Here I want to write part of my resolutions in 2018 (best year of my life)
1. I want to keep my room clean. It's a mess right now so after this is time for cleaning

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2.Take care of my skin, because well I drink a lot of water(literally right now), but I have other reasons my skin is bad(partying, stress, I don't do anything to help it)

3. Go hang with my friends outside school once a week, not for a party ( I do that so little because I'm lazy)

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4.Get fit
I and my friend decided to get that booty before our final trip to Spain We are going to look amazing!!

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5. Go to the gym at least 3 times a week( yes I'm going to the gym in half hour)

6.Eat healthy, normal and gain some healthy weight and look amazing

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7.Buy more makeup and experiment with it(learn to do some eye makeup girl)

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8. Try new recipe every single week

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9. Be excellent in school and learn something I like.

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10. This year I want to join political party and start working on part-time job during summer to be productive

11. I also want to learn how to drive a car like I said in the previous post. This month I'm taking my theoretical part so wish me good luck

12. Sleep more( 7 hours per day)

13. And the last thing is on my phone less. Right now I have decided to limit myself to 2 hours which is a lot but not for me haha

I think I'm gonna do this monthly and update you on my progress.
My next article is probably going to be what I learned in 2017.
Good luck, B.C