Everbody has their new year's goals.
Some of them are big some small, but mostly all of them are hard to maintain.

I have a pretty small list this year, 'cause i know myself. I am a lazy person... :/
But still this year i need a change. last year was way to tough.

so without beating around the bush for to long:

sky, limit, and quotes image

- always visualize your goals: i changed all my wallpapers to a motivational picture to keep me going and remind me of my goals everyday

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- tell your friends what you want to acchieve: it's always better to have a helping hand. Let your friends (and family) know want you want to change and don't hesitate to ask for their help.

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- make a "success list": every (small) step you took to get closer to your goal... Write it down! it really helps seeing what you already did and it keeps you going.

- feel okay to take your time: some goals can't be reached within a few weeks or months. Take your time and be realistic about it. In the end sticking it out is the way to success.

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- be okay with having "cheat days": it's no fun studying 24/7. It's no fun being on a diet 24/7 ... a lot of thing are absolute no fun if you are doing or think about them 24/7. And you don't have to. It's totally fine (and human) to let yourself go sometimes. And it does not mean you're failing. It just means you're enjoying life sometimes without worrying all the time! Be okay with that 'cause it gives you energy to keep going.

That's it for me, i hope i'll take my own advise and let this year be my year :)
Spread love and be kind, people!

xxx G.