Hello people out there! I´m going to tell you something about our last holidays which we spend in Amsterdam, the capital of Holland.

Amsterdam is a very huge city with so many people.
That´s why we hated it there. Everywhere you go, you have no choice to calm. You are always just like a little dot in this big crowd.
We were at the "Madame Tussauds" (a Museum with waxfigures of famous people like Adele, Nicolas Cage, etc.) We had even no space to turn around. And so it was at "Body Works" (an exhibition of human bodys).
That was a pity, because both exhibitions have been really interesting, but we couldn´t see everything. Some informations just passed our ears and landed in the big crowd.
I think some people like being surrounded by a lot of people and some don´t, So it depends on the attitude of the Person itself to like or to dislike this city.

This City has uncountable alleyways. If you pass them you see canals on the one side and narrowly houses which are build clousely, called "Grachten", on the other side. Also you see a lot of brothells where the women stand at their showcases like Barbiedolls in their packaging. Some don´t even look you in the eyes and some knock at their glassdoors and call you to come in. It´s both frightening and fascinating at the same time. On the one hand you see women, which are really dedicated at this employment, on the other hand you see ladys which are doing this just to get the money for keeping taking their drugs.

Holland is famous for it´s cheese. And damn, they have very delicious cheese. My favorite is the sort with truffle.

What also everybody knows about this city is, that it´s legal to smoke weed there. So we tryed to smoke one, but honestly we didn´t feel anything else than very sleepy, so we slept the whole day after smoking a joint. I guess we will never smoke again :D

Very significant is, that all the people we met and ware talking to, were so kindly (even we didn´t talk there language).

In the matter of fact this journey was a bit chaotic and we won´t travel to Amsterdam again, But it was worth the experience. We collected a lot of new insights to people and the city.