"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life."

Hello, lovers! I am so happy and excited to write my second article and i hope you will enjoy my little story!

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Story time

This story is based on real events, it actually happened to me! Enjoy!

A few days ago, i was in a bus station with my boyfriend and we were waiting for the bus to come. When it came, we got in it and we went in the back of the bus. In my country, most of the buses have 3 backseats which are one next to each other. My boyfriend didn't want to sit, but i did want. The fact is that in the first chair there was a man. To be honest, i was a little bit scared because that man was so old and he looked like a homeless. Anyway, despite everything, i sat in the third seat which was a little farther from that man. I talked with my boyfriend all the time and the man just kept looking at us. After 15 minutes( more or less) we had to get off the bus because we arrived to the station. When i got up from the chair , my boyfriend was in front of me and on my right was the man. When we almost arrived to the station, the man touched my boyfriend's shoulder, looked at us and said:

'Take care of her. Love her. Keep loving each other.'

I was speechless. I couldn't say a word and i'm happy that my boyfriend was able to thank him and wish him happy holidays. Nowadays, when adults see teenagers in a relationship, they are all like: 'they are just teenagers, they don't know what is love right now.' But no, this man was different. He felt our love somehow, or maybe he had the same love but in time something happened and we reminded him of the love that he used to have. To be honest, i have no idea why he said that. But he made me the happiest girl in the world. He is a good man, i really think he is and i hope he will get the best because he did the best for me.

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That day i understood a lot of things. Since then i thought that every time i see a beautiful girl in the street, i could just tell her: 'You are really beautiful" and just walk away. Spread happiness and love in the world because this way we change it and we change a person's day or mood.
I also understood that i shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. Since i was little i tried not to do it and i will always try. Try with me!


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I really hope you enjoyed my story. I was so happy to share this with you because i haven't told anyone since now. Don't forget to be happy!

Lots of love,

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