WE HEART IT has turned 10 years old, and @TeamWeHeartIt is hosting a contest about it. So today’s article will be for Team We Heart It’s contest.

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And let's get start...

When I made my we heart it account I was indifferent and I just had WHI for searching just some random images And NO. I was completely wrong with this..

WHI is now the world to me. When I feel happy or sad We Heart It always know how to made me day. And that's what I needed the most. A safe ''home'' to bring me Joy. When I don't find that feeling in my family, I find it in We Heart it. And I am really grateful for that.

And WHI makes me happy. Who just don't want to be happy??


Happiness: It's important to be happy and I am happy when I speak with other people, when I heart happy images, And I am super happy when I read some articles that some nice and sweet people made for yourself.

Escape: WHI it's an another escape. I always escape from reality when I am on we heart it and I forgot my problems too.

Be the real Me: In WHI you can be yourself. And that is great. In my school we have some mean girls and when they post a photo everyone have to like on their photo. And you can't do something for that. But in WHI I can be myself without to prove anything.

Now you know what WHI means to me..

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