♡ WHI is made up of so many wonderful things. Art, music, reading, travel, nature, beauty, film, trends, history, DIYs, motivation, and most of all, inspiration. And much more than that. It is made up of a community of people. Like-minded, in one way or another. A community of people who share their interests and express themselves. And what makes WHI such a special place to do this, is that it's a non-judgemental and stereotype free place.

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♡ Most of us have been judged at least once in our lives. Or placed in a "category" because of stereotypes. But at WHI, they understand that we are more than just one thing. We create collections, and fill them with all of the different things that make us who we are. Which shows us just how alike we are.
We are made up of more than just one thing. But we are also different, and unique. And WHI defines that. It gives us a place to show it, share it, and connect.

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♡ WHI shows the world that there is beauty and fun to be found in being open and expressing yourself. Why hate or bash other's passions, when you could be encouraging and positive? We all may not like the same things but we all definitely like many things. Categorizing them by stereotypes is unjust. The world is full of beautiful and amazing things. Through WHI, we share and discover them. Art is one of the biggest things we share on WHI. In fact, I would venture to say that everything on WHI is in some way, art. And that is pretty amazing if you think about it. ~

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♡ I like to imagine WHI is one super-sized heart. That is continuously being filled, by us, with inspiration, love, and art. It is a heart with never-ending space. Just like there is no such thing as "too much love". The heart can never run out of room. Just like our own hearts, and minds. It shows us the possibilities and adventures we could have. It gives us motivation and inspiration. Someone who understands our hard times. And smiles with us during the good times. It educates us, connects us, and helps us grow. That is what WHI is.

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♡ However, this article is to explain what WHI means. Particularly what it means to me. And it's really pretty simple:
WHI means life.

And no. Not "internet is life".
Or that "I can't live without my phone".
Social media addicts. Type of life.

But the type of life as in, what it holds within. Beyond the social platform shown. The beauty, art, and inspiration. Nature. Motivation. All of those things I mentioned. And more. The discovery of it all. Sharing and connecting. That is the life I refer to. Breathing through one big beautiful super-sized heart... app. 😉 ♡♡ That is what it means to me. Life. Positive, and inspiring. ~

I have spent almost 8 years being a Hearter. And I hope to spend many, many more. Thank you WHI. 😘💘 and Happy Birthday! 🥂🎉