Cigarettes are her forte
She smokes as if her life depended on it
Not caring of the damage done to herself
She smoked to cure the stress
She smoked to one day find a new addiction
Her cigarettes were like yoga
They calmed her as she replayed the day in her mind
Remembering all the troubles of a long day
She smoked to clear her head of her insecurities
The smoke filling her lungs was all she needed
Inhale and exhale all her troubles
She didn't care of the damage it caused
She didn't care what it could do to her in the future
She just didn't care...

It was her life, she could do as she pleased
She smoked to fill the void in her heart
Smoking till her lungs were as black as her heart
Each cigarette held secrets
Secrets of how she occasionally felt like dying
One more smoke closer to the end
Secrets of how she wished for do overs
Secrets no one would ever know
Her life was like her cigarettes
Slowly burning down to nothing
Damaging only herself
But she didn't care
She couldn't care
With one last cigarette she would feel content
She felt like she could handle anything
So, with one last drag she was ready to face the world.