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1. a song that describes you:

sleepingwalking (couples only dance prom night)
by modest mouse

2. a song from your early childhood

fashion by david bowie

3. one of your favorite songs of all time

nothing lasts by bedroom

4. a song that describes your partner/ideal partner

drunk text romance by cyberbully mom club

5. a song you exercise to

toxic by britney spears

6. a song that inspires you

loud by titanic sinclair

7. a song that has helped you through a painful time in your life

stuck on the puzzle by alex turner

8. a song that makes you want to dance

it's my party by lesley gore

9. a song that makes you emotional or sad

rachel's lullaby by dandelion hands

10. a song with exceptional lyrics

love by crywank

11. a mind-tripping song

alter ego by tame impala

12. a song you listen to when feeling rebellious

you are going to hate this by the frights

13. a song that cheers you up

what you know by two door cinema

14. a song that calms you down

self harmageddon by dandelion hands

15. a good song for a wedding

oh! darling by the beatles

16. a guilty pleasure song

dead! by my chemical romance

17. a song you have heard live

cody by mogwai

18. a song you like that is out of your choice genre

aht uh mi hed by shuggie otis

19. a song you can play on an instrument

welcome to the black parade by my chemical romance

20. a song you sing along to whenever you hear it

heaven knows i'm miserable now by the smiths

21. a song you would play at your own funeral

haunt me (x 3) by teen suicide

22. a song you would (or have) play(ed) at your graduation

your graduation by modern baseball

23. a song you would put on a playlist for someone special

tears over beers by modern baseball

24. a song you dislike

skinny love by bon iver

25. a song from a movie soundtrack

glass in the park by alex turner

26. a song that captures your current life situation (or part of it)

love/paranoia by tame impala

27. a song that reminds you of an event

royal jelly by deap vally

28. a current and popular song you like

november by tyler, the creator

29. a song you loved as a teenager

guns for hands by twenty one pilots

30. a song symbolic of the changes you'd like to make in your life

a living human girl by the regrettes