So... I wasn't sure about writing this article. I haven't been on this site/app for that long, but what was trully stopping me from writing about this was the fact that I was unable to answer this simple question:

What does we heart it mean for me?

I've read all the articles about it, but I found myself unable to answer this. What did it mean for me? For us? We heart it is a community, full of amazing people and content, but I didn't realize that until recently.

Now, after many thoughts, I have an answer to this question.

What does we heart it mean for me? For us?

And the answer is so simple, its there, just in front of us, hiding in plain sight. I didn't realize it until now, while I was going through some of my collections. That's when I realized that We Heart It is a safe place for everyone, every single person.

I've been roaming on many sites since I was young: Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter... and I've never felt so welcome before.

This place is spetial, and I can't believe I'm only noticing now.

This is the only place where you can find articles about beauty, about books, poems, tumblr screenshots, human rights, ecology, feminism... there is an entire wolrd here. There is a beautiful aesthetic, that teaches us about love, self-care, how to stand up for yourself, and that is something difficult to achieve. This is where everything comes together. How else would you find collections about tumblr posts, memes, instagram fashion, make-up or self-care? Where else?

This is what We Heart it means to me. It means home, it means not having to pretend to be someone I'm not. It means solidarity and friendship, it means not being afraid. Not being afraid to love, not being afraid of looking self-absorbed by the amount of selfies you take, it means not being afraid to take a hundred pictures. Not being afraid of doing what (who) you love.

So... Happy ten years, we heart it.

I wasn't here from the beginning, but I sure hope I'll be there until the end.

- Dahiandra