I would never tell you i love you because you would know it from the way i look at you,
like when i saw you for the very first time.

I would never tell you what i like about you,
you would know it from the way some parts of you perfectly fill my blanks and my calmness doesn't mind your flaws.

I would never share my love for you or speak of it, because i don't need someone else's approval to know it's real, i had all the proof i needed when you first hugged me. And it felt like i'd never be alone again.

I would never ever mind getting lost because, with you,
lost suddenly feels like the best damn thing.

I would never break your heart because it beats so lovely
when it's close to mine.

I'd wish to never leave your side because when i lay on your chest,
i hear a melody i could listen over and over again.

I would know you would never leave
or that i would never leave because of the way your eyes sparkled that night you looked at me and how foolishly i thought the time had stopped♡