Did you ever thought about how Love develops? Well I did over the last days. I really did try to understand Love but I have come to the result that maybe nobody's supposed to ever understand Love.
It's something of the most beautiful and hurtful things in the universe. In our live we fall in love several times. But there's this one Person for everyone of us. Some have already found this person, some are still searching for it and a few will never meet that one Person. I haven't found that one person yet and maybe I'm one of the persons who aren't supposed to find it. This may sound dramatic and depressing but it's only the truth.
I tried to explain love several times to this day, but I never really could do it, because it's something deep inside of you that nobody else is feeling and it's differennt for everyone. But if I had to choose one definition for love I would qoute Olaf from frozen. "True Love is putting someone else before you". And that's why loves so special.
Maybe we all should learn to appreciate our loved ones, 'cause you'll never know, when you're seeing them for the last time.