Hello all! My name is Emi and I am new to the WHI scene!
Like everyone, I am a helpless victim of procrastination. But recently I have discovered a few tips to help you get it done! Hope they help!

1. Count to 5 and just do it!
You are probably putting something off by scrolling through insta right? Or binge-watching Netflix or endless cat videos on youtube? Just ONE more, you repetitively tell yourself. Well instead of that, have a little chat with yourself. Tell yourself to count to 5, on 5 you WILL jump up and start that task. It works surprisingly well and you feel really good about yourself!

2. Find an inspiring youtuber
We all know those super organised youtubers who always have their life together right? Well, switch one of those wonders on and watch them while you work!
Some of my favs are: Zoella, Lavendaire, Wengie and Saffron Barker! I find them inspiring.

3. Listen to some good tunes while you do it
This one is pretty self explanatory, whether it's the radio, or your Spotify, some catchy music can really increase the pleasure in a task! Try making a playlist of your favourite ever songs reserved just for unpleasant tasks. This will make you almost look forward to them!

So that's it for my first ever article on here, I hope it helped someone!
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see ya!

emi xox