It’s been a while, for many reasons I’m unable to disclose at the moment. It’s better not to dwell on things of the past. Especially when the outcome is less than desirable, however your sassy gyal has made a return! Im now more motivated than ever to fulfill my own dreams of happiness. I know that this year I will achieve more and dream more than I've ever, this is because my only wish is to leave this deadbeat city and the main source of all my internal issues. This article has more of a somber tone, and I can't really explain as to why. All that I’ve learned from last year is that only you know what you what to truly achieve in this life and what brings you the most happiness. And also that ya girl was just trippin, some guys are kinda nice but I really don’t think I’ll be needing a cuff ting. Like last year a whole lot of things lowkey came together in the most unexpected ways and Im glad that i was able to overcome my own fears and self doubts to discover my most genuine self. But of the infamous question of what I want to do after school, I know what i want to do and i'll do everything in my power to ensure that I get where I want to be. New york 2020, the place where I feel as though I can find something of value to improve all aspects of my own life and grown to become an African reincarnation of Regina George.