Great Ways to study.

1. Listen to music

Listening to relaxing music such as Ocean waves or Beethoven will help you concentrate better!

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( MUSIC SUCH AS BODAK YELLOW OR GUCCI GANG will distract you and next thing you know your having a dance party)

2. Chew Gum

When you study chew on a piece of gum and when your taking the test, chew on that same flavor of gum. It will help refresh your memory.

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Try this new tragedy out!

3. Color Code

While your studying make sure to color code each information. Be organized.

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It will help you study better and memorize each topic. While your taking a test you can be like " Oh I remember that it was highlighted in blue"

4. Reading with treats

To encourage yourself to read. After each paragraph, place your favorite candy at the last sentence to reward yourself.

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Do this for each paragraph and you'll be done reading in no time.

5. Sticky notes

Write Sticky notes that have the information that you need to study. Place each sticky note around the house. One in the bathroom, kitchen, your room, etc.

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Everywhere you go , you will be obtaining information.

6. Flashcards

Flashcards will help you study. To save money. Download " Quizlet " its a flashcard app that helps you study. It also includes games that will help you study.

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7. Group Study

Study with a group of people. When you study with friends, you will better understand what you're trying to study.

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Ask your friends to test you after helping you study.

8. Study Corner

Study in a comfy corner with pillows and blankets or just about anywhere you feel comfortable.

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Disclaimer: You may fall asleep , but have some coffee and snacks to help you stay awake.

9. Time yourself

Study for 30 mins for each subject. This will allow you too study all the subjects. Go back on some things that you don't fully understand.

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Take a 5 min break between each study time.

10. Study before Bed

Before you go to bed study a few things. When you study before you sleep your brain tends to hold on to information during your sleep so when you wake up your brain stills remembers from last night.

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I'ts kind of like when you go to a party the night before and the next morning you still remember a good portion of what happened that night.

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