Hey!<3 I am back,its the new year and I hope everybody had a good start in 2018 and a great time with family and friends!But that is not the theme of the article,its about things i loved in 2017,which will make your year 2018 much better,i am talking about shows,music and movies.

Lets start with music:

What would be another year without Blackbear?Right,a dumb year. ;)
I like him and love his music,everyday I listen to all of his songs and I can't stop doing this,because his songs are so freakin' good.One of the best things 2017 was totally his concert I went to.It was fantastic!But let us start with the songs!
New Album: Cybersex
-g2g ttyl (feat.THEY.)
-anxiety (with FRND)
-playboy shit (feat. lil aaron)
-Gucci linen (feat. 2 Chainez)

Album: Digital Druglord
-Do re mi
-i wish u the best
-i miss the old you
-make daddy proud
-moodz (feat. 24hrs)
-Juicy sweatsuits (freat. Juicy J)
-if I could I would feel nothing
(I named literally every song,cause they're all so good)

blackbear image
Bear with Cyberm1n

Now we can start with shows,i really really love Tv shows,I am literally addicted to watch them.And if i am honest i am watching everyday about 4 hours my favorite shows.

1.Stranger Things
This is definetly one of my favorite shows of all time!
And the next Season is coming this year.

eleven, mike, and stranger things image
here a pic of the most important caracters! (but steve is missing)

2.How to get away with murder
This year,tgere will be another season yeah.

htgawm image
The most important caracters! (but Bonny is missing)

3.The Flash
If I am honest I don't really like super heros but its diffrent with Flash, I really really like it,I think I am a lttle nerd. <3

grant gustin, the flash, and barry allen image
Barry and Iris love them together!

4.Bates Motel
Its a psycho thriller based on the movie psycho from Alfred Hitchcock!

bates motel, Nestor Carbonell, and freddie highmore image
Family goals (there are many people missing and in the show the family don't has this kind of family love)

5.D A R K
Its a new Netflix original show from germany.

dark and netflix image
Its about to travel in time and about many secrets and deaths

Just watch it!!!

catfish, max, and mtv image
The best buddys in real i've ever seen!Together they're the best.<3

Now we are ready and I promise you that you'll love the shows.
(okay,i am not gonna promise that,cause everybody has his own flovour of what he likes)


1.IT (2017)
The Film was great and I can recommend it to everyone who can see clowns without beeing scared!

gif, beverly marsh, and sophia lillis image
The cast is so cool and richie is so funny ahahah

That was it for today,i hope you like it because I worked really hard on this article and sorry that there is only one movie,but i am not a person who watches much movies so yes.I wish you a good day and a very beautiful year!<3