1. Be healthy and reach my body goal

Having healthy lifestyle is the best you could do for yourself. Actually it is very simple: do whatever makes you happy (only if what makes you happy doesn't harm anyone else of course).

fit abs

2. Help the unlucky

Giving a hand to people in Africa is an act they'd be always thankful for. And what's more we should be compassionate to the less fortunate. Usually they are way more humane than most of us.

Dream child

3. Write a story

always book

4. Have two besties I am super close with

adventure best friends

5. Be confident with who I really am

Superthumb confidence

6. Throw a surprise party

amy, lily, and tbbt image

7. Talk with somebody till sunrise

girl night

8. Sleep under the stars

moon, stars, and night image
friends, goals, and sleep image

9. Go on a marathon bike ride

bikes bike

10. Have a paint fight and water fight

beach Superthumb

11. Go on a picnic

mountains nature

12. Put a campfire with marshmallow

autumn camping

That's it loves. I hope I've inspired you somehow to be more adventorous and happy 💖