As the title says, I wanna talk about We Heart It and my experience.

I discovered We Heart It about 3 years ago.
I used it to find background images for my phone, and to be honest, I thought I couldn't do more. I was wrong.

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Only last year, I decided to open a page on this fantastic social network. Well, in fact this is a social network, but when you start discovering it for what it really is, it's not just a social network, but it is a World.

Image by giuliazanini3

In this lovely World everyone is special and has a story.
Everytime I post an image or an article, and someone likes it, I smile.
Every single like I get is a feeling of a person ♡.

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  • We Heart It, for me, is a way to express myself.
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  • On We Heart It I find inspiration
beach, girl, and summer image beauty, goals, and orange image
  • I find motivation
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  • I find emotions
love, art, and couple image Image removed
  • I find goals
couple, dusk, and kiss image couple, love, and hug image
  • I find respect
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  • I find peace
travel, summer, and beach image nature, forest, and tree image
  • I can find myself
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WHI means to me a lot of things, like I've already written, but also lots of others:

  • Union
  • Love
  • Harmony
  • A way to find new friends

On WHI, people can be artists, photographers, bloggers, and whatever they want.
They can find out a passion for something that they have always ignored.
They can be themselves, without worrying about being judged. Everyone loves the other no matter what he/she likes.

It is a big family. Nobody knows anyone, but there is something that connects everyone.
This "something" is the love that everyone puts in what he/she posts and shares with others.

I want to thank @TeamWeHeartIt for this increadible World, so Thank You!
I want to thank all of the people that are part of it, people who are an inspiration for others.

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See you soon!☆

Happy 10th Birthday We Heart It!