Today, is WHI's birthday. 10 years old! So in this article I'm going to talk about what WHI means to me following the hastag created for today. #whatWHImeanstome.

For me, this wonderful app means being myself. I heart images of what I like without worrying about someone judging me.

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It means inspiration. Whi has done a lot for me. Whenever I look for study inspiration, I WANT to start studying. Whenever I look for bullet journal, I WANT to start one.

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It means sharing. Sharing my passion. I love photography, as I have said many times before, and here, I can share with other people my pictures.

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It means development. I've learnt a lot here, specially with articles and this app has helped me to be who I want to be.

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It means acceptance and love. Nobody is excluded in this site. Whether you like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, BTS, Stranger Things... It doesn't matter. You're welcomed here and nobody will hate you for your likes.

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I really enjoy my time in this app and I hope I can be here to live a lot more birthdays. Happy 10th birthday WHI!

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