Hello gorgeous, this is my first ever article on WHI and ill be sharing a few goals I'd like to accomplish this year. 2018 Is going to be our year I know it!

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1.Drink more water

This year I want to try an drink a lot of water and try cut off any fizzy drinks. I also want to do this to help clear my skin and remove any toxins from my body.

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2. Work out

I feel like this is a very common goal but that doesn't matter. When I mean work out I don't mean to go the gym, I mean working out at home. Literally it works! I tried it last year and was doing 10 minute ab workouts and I started seeing a change, but then my lazy ass couldn't be bothered any more so I stoped. But I'm going to try again this year!

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3. Read more books

I want to start reading more to have a distraction from my phone. I've always liked reading but only if it interested me. We have quite a few books at home but they're quite childish. So I guess I need to start buying some books too. If anyone is wondering I'm currently reading The Hunger Games Mockinjay so far its really good and I def recommend!

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365 blank page book, write a good one and have a year filled with blessings!