Hi everyone!

This article is for everyone who needs some inspiration to go for a citytrip in Europe ✈️

1. Rome, Italy

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2. Prague, Czech Republic

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3. Barcelona, Spain

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4. Venice, Italy

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5. Lisbon, Portugal

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6. Verona, Italy

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7. Paris, France

beauty, Dream, and goals image travel, bridge, and paris image fashion, girl, and outfit image arc de triomphe, building, and Dream image

8. Ghent, Belgium

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9. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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10. Ljubljana, Slovenia

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11. Budapest, Hungary

travel, architecture, and budapest image bridge, city, and vintage image castle and architecture image travel, drink, and wine image

12. Bruges, Belgium

vintage, house, and photography image europe, beautiful, and belgium image Image removed belgium, city, and house image

13. Bled, Slovenia

travel image nature, slovenia, and river image autumn, nature, and fall image boat, lake, and nature image

14. Sintra, Portugal

beautiful, elven, and LOTR image courtyard, portugal, and pena palace image portugal, nature, and green image architecture, travel, and wanderlust image

15. Füssen, Germany

adventure, Alps, and bayern image bayern, beautiful, and beleza image castle, nature, and trees image castle, architecture, and neuschwanstein image