hey everyone so i watch a lot of anime so here is some i recommend!
these are in no particular order btw.

1. Katsugeki Touken Ranbu. me and my sister really liked this show, i got attached to the characters quickly, and the art is amazing. i would watch it again.

2. The Royal Tutor. i absolutely love loved this show, my only problem was that i couldn't choose a favorite Prince! yes this is a problem to me. it was funny but at the same time it wasn't it was the perfect amount of comedy. i really want to watch this one again i just don't have time.

3. Dance with Devils. I don't really know why i like this anime, but i do the songs are really good the plot was really good. i'm not sure what else to say about it, just try watching it ok?

4. Ouran high school host club. i haven't finished this one yet but the few episodes i have watched i really liked so, yeah it's a romantic comedy anime. that's about all i know, sorry but i can say the first ten episodes are great.

5. Little Witch Academy. i don't know if this is qualified as a anime, but man was it good. so give it a try i got hooked on it on the third episode. give it a try the ending was so sweet, but i won't spoil it so go watch it yourself!

sorry i'm so bad at explaining plots and why you should watch them, just watch them. i really like doing top 5's or 10's so you will see more of these i hope you try some of these animes out and if you do message me! till next time, Pegisi is flying