Hello! It's the beginning of the year once again, perfect for a fresh, new start. I usually don't do New Year's Resolutions, but I decided to switch things up for 2018.

Keep in mind that resolutions are different from goals. Resolutions are more loose, similar to a promise to do something different.

1. No more procrastination!
Do your homework the day you get it.
This is a huge challenge for me because our school runs on a block schedule. Procrastination is much easier since we have certain classes every other day.
Start as soon as you get home, right after recharging your energy after school.
It's important to replenish your energy after school. But I sometimes (translate: all the time) get carried away and rest turns into laziness. Put the phone away and get to work!

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2. Be kinder and understanding
Throughout all of 2017, I've learned to be more understanding, but I admit I can be judgmental towards others. We can experience life through a more positive light if we learn to be kind.

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3. Saturdays are for ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶b̶o̶y̶s̶ ̶ WORKOUTS
Sorry, Saturdays aren't for the boys anymore. Get healthy and do some workouts, light or intense! I've made it a goal for me to exercise at least two times a week, gradually working my way up to more often sessions.

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4. Find a healthy sleep schedule
My mom's voice has been echoing in my brain about this one. Seriously though, sleep is important. My sleep schedule mantra this year will be "sleep early, wake up early". No more sleeping past twelve and waking up at six in the morning for me.

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5. Take care of your skin
I'm not just talking skincare, ma'am. I'm talking about healthy habits and being sanitary. Make water your bestie (plot twist: it actually helps). You are what you eat! My skin reacts negatively to dairy. That didn't prevent me from eating ice cream or cheese, I just consume dairy in moderation now. Being sanitary refers to the simplest things. STOP IT. STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE. Picking, rubbing, leaning on your hand in class, don't do it. Don't succumb to the dark side.

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The greatest one of them all. Keep your chin up and smile. Stand tall and walk confidently! You're beautiful and you better believe it :)

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I hope that this inspired you to get on the resolution train. We've got a lot to do this year.