First and foremost, I want to wish everyone a happy new year. I hope that all your dreams and goals can come true in this year.I am also very thankful for the 3K little snowflakes like really love you all . And now I'm going to start with my story why I started WHI. *Sipping from cup tea*

The first reason I started blogging on WHI is because I actually needed an outlet for all my impossible dreams and goals that I now want to achieve. Mostly you can see all my goals if you follow me long enough. Examples for ths reason are these collections.

Second reason I started on WHI is because I was really bored that moment and actually nice story in between I really wanted to do something with drawing and photography so I sat on google to enter the famous search 'Drawing tumblr' and I liked that one image that lead me to a WHI collection and saw that whole collection full of art an diys but to continue I had to register. And then I started looking deeper and deeper into the app and I found how I could create collections and at some moment I found it was so nice and chill that I also encouraged my friend to create a blog
btw also follow her @SpaceChildFromSaturn.
These are some collections I create for this reason.

The third reason is because I wanted to inspire myself in a certain routine I really want to inspire people and also myself to achieve their and my dreams and goals in reality and through this blog I can do this very well some examples are some collections that I made this reason

And the last reason is because I saw a lot of friends at school with makeup and believe me I hated makeup I could not even apply lipstick or urhggg ...
I was actually the school nerd all the time.So I looked at me page on WHI and thought why I would not make a collection about clothing and makeup. I hardly ever wear makeup but when I wear it then everyone says that I am a 'transformation' and 'glow up' that you can call, but still I find natural beauty much better I really only wear makeup if there is an important holiday or an appointment or maybe later for work or something else.
Some collections for this last reason.

* bitting the last piece of my cupcake *

I hope your new year has ended well and maybe you have received a few presents you wanted. Once again I thank everyone who has been here and read my whole story.

I also take part in the #whatWHImeanstome check it out

*Giving you a big hug *

Kisses SNOW.

If you read ths comment then I am really pround of you. ;D