some idea to help you in bullett journal


Animal care (vaccinations, deworming, brushing ...)
Siestes (my favorite,: P)
No expenditure
Food (breakfast, fruit consumption, gluten intake ...)
Daily / weekly / monthly savings ...
Various and recurrent interviews: car, garden ...
Chronic disease follow-up / pain (migraine or other ...)
Good deed

Bucket List (lists of things to do before breaking his pipe)
Wish List
Anniversary list (I note as and what I want / need!)
List of races to do
Movies to see
Books to read
Places to visit
Series that we look at (very useful when we look at it a lot!)
Things to do no more (UN-Do List)
Recipes to test
Favorite musical artists
Restaurants to Try / Favorite Restaurants
Gratitude: list of things for which I am grateful
Small pleasures to memorize
Websites / Favorites Blog
Goals to reach
Personal projects

collections :

For each of the lists and trackers of the Bullet Journal, we can consider creating more detailed collections: D, so you will find some of them below but I will not take them back completely either, the goal being to find new ideas!

Dreams: I try as much as possible to keep a written record of my dreams (mainly because I think that some may be premonitory)
Quotes / Proverbs
Projects of all kinds: DIY, customers ...
Valve: sometimes, writing can evacuate. Example: if I get angry with the bearded, if I write everything that goes through my head, in the end I relativize and I'm unhappy ... Very fun to reread, feeling ridiculous assured!
Contacts with possible classification (family, friends, pro ...)
Grandma's Remedies
Homeopathy: registration of uses, dosages ...
Cooking recipes
Menus of the week
Ideas for articles for your blogs
Collection of films seen
Summary of episodes of each series
Read books: summary, notation ...
Christmas presents
Organization of special events: birthday, wedding, baby shower ...
Blogging statistics: social networks, Google Analytics visits ...
Tests of new pens / pencils / markers
Header tests / page header
Goals for the year
Travel Chronicles
Doodling / Scribbles / Drawings
Food: food intake (useful not only for the regimen, in the context of chronic disease or food allergies, it is also very useful!)
Instax photos (as part of a 365 project for example!)
Routines: pages on which you decide on a routine.
i hope that u ll enjoyyy <3