I love writing my goals for the new year. I do it every year as a tradition and it is important for me, but this year I want to write them differently. I realized that in previous years I put things like I want a car, I want good grades or I want to travel.

And yes, I still want all those things but we must be realistic these things do not fall from the sky you have to WORK for them. And this is what I intend to do in 2018, to work to buy things, but also to work on me. That I am the most important investment for myself.

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So after analyzing all this about the New Year's resolutions and how I want to change for the better, here are my purposes for 2018:

  • Take more care of my body and stay healthy
  • Do a bullet journal or simple journal. I love writing and I think it helps to channel a lot the emotions that we carry with us every day.
  • Read as many books as possible. Reading helped me in difficult moments of my life, in which I fought against sadness and anxiety. In 2017, I managed to read nineteen books of different genres.
  • Be more confident with myself and embrace my flaws.
  • Continue to have good grades and graduate from psychology.
  • Be as kind as possible, and always try to radiate good vibes and infect them.
  • Try to leave my comfort zone and go out to know the world (I have never left my country) even if it is a country near or a very far away, but LEAVE AND TRAVEL
  • And finally, to live my life as best I can, with love, with adventures, with my family and above all loving myself.