I want to begin by thanking the creators of We heart it; this platform has grown so big because of all your hard work. Congratulations on 10 awesome years, and thank you for letting me be a part of your community.
- Denisse

What WHI means to me

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WHI is more than just an app and website, it is a way of living. Now... Don't you worry, I am not at all addicted to it, I just embrace it into my every day life.

Let me begin by listing the obvious ways in which WHI is what is is

  • FUN!

There isn't a day where I don't get on this app; I wake up and scroll through my homepage to see what all inspires others and heart to my hearts content. (Scrolling through Instagram, facebook, and twitter can wait haha)

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WHI has become a part of me because it is so unique and unlike any other form of social media. In a way, it isn't social media. It's just... WHI.

WHI is my go to when I am bored, on break at work, at school, in the car, and just about anywhere else! (yes... even the bathroom...)

There is something about going through and double tapping on images I like and adding them to my collections... it is fun to me.

Without WHI, I honestly don't know what I would be like. Everyone I know KNOWS how much I love this platform. Like my little brother who is 10 years old, for example; he was SO happy for me when I told him I became a 2017 heartist!

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My little brother and I don't have much in common, he is always playing video games. But when it comes down to WHI, me and him bond and talk about it. He was thoroughly excited for me. Excitement that I wouldn't have seen in him if this platform did not exist.

So once again, I want to thank We Heart It for all of the awesomeness it has brought on to the internet and to everyone who accesses it.

WHI is more than just about followers and who has the best looking account; it is about hearting images that inspire you and describe who you are to complete strangers; and in my case, it is also a way to bond with your little sibling haha!

And that is what WHI means to me.

It is the best. #whatWHImeanstome