I have so much work to do but I'm just lying without any purpose, just lying cause i need some rest from everything.
If someone looked at me, would think that I'm starring at my wall senselessly. In reality i don't even look at the wall. i can't see any of the things that are in front of me in these room.
When i feel that I'm all alone i can give myself freedom to be who i am. I just close my eyes and you know what? In only a few seconds i see things out of ordinary. In these world there is nobody except me. Its the world of silence and beauty. I want to describe it to you, so please just listen to my words and imagine it. At first it my be hard to see and you may think that i'm crazy but just listen to it cause it's worth it, believe me.
In this world, there is everything you have dreamed about. But don't make a mistake i'm not talking about material things. No and one more time no. This world is already material and why the hell would we want the same world? In my world you can find love, recognition, acceptance, peace, harmony... When you are in this world there is nothing which troubles you. You look around, walk freely without any thought going in your head you close your eyes and you are happy.
I know that every person has his/her own dreams and in what kind they imagine their freedom. For me its sky and i will try to explain it. In this reality there are too many things, too many people that make our heart break in pieces. their words are too hurtful and full of hatred and it doesn't matter if their words are aimed at me. They just think only about themselves. And when i look at them i feel their hatred, i feel their eyes and i cant breathe, i cant walk freely cause i fear them. i fear their words and fear their thoughts...
At that time i try to close my eyes and go to my dream world. The only thing that returns my breathe and helps me just to endure this pain is my world. There i imagine how i'm flying not with wings or some things like that, i just imagine how i'm in the sky and wind is hitting my face. My hair follows the wind. I feel how my heart rate becomes more frequent and then it slows down. I just try to follow the wind and smile. Cause i'm free and nothing is troubling here. I close my eyes there and my head is clear, finally clear from thoughts. And i can breathe again and i can again look at these awful world and smile.
Cause i am not giving up!
i wont give up to this world!
In my last breathe i will bravely look at this world full of hatred and say that I T W A S N O T A B L E T O B R E A K M E U P ! ! !
‘All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend’
If you want to feel, imagine my world and understand my thoughts listen to AURORA and especially this song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06ht9MyJLT4