hello guys, i made today my 5 fav anime, hope you like it
1)Tokyo Ghoul

anime, tokyo, and manga image

im waiting the tokyo ghoul re anime, i read the manga of re and i love it, but i hate the second opening but i love the first one, my fav characters are suzuya and Tsukiyama

2)soul eater

anime and soul eater image

i watched soul eater after tokyo ghoul, is a long anime but so funny, my fav character is black star and Kid, but i love excalibur too cause is trash


danganronpa image

i prefer the game of danganronpa, the anime was good but the game is so precious, my fav game of danganronpa is danganronpa goodbye despair

4)fullmetal alchemist brotherhood

edward elric, winry rockbell, and fullmetal alchemist image

i love this anime so much, but i prefer brotherhood than the normal fma cause in brotherhood are so many manga scenes and is more funny

5)black butler

kuroshitsuji, anime, and ciel image

i read the manga and i watched the anime and movie, i love the story of this anime, my fav character is undertaker and Ciel
this was my top 5, hope you einjoyed it,
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and sorry fom my english but im european :c