1st January 2018

365 new days, 365 new chances'

First, I would like to say, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It’s a new year and that means there is a chance for you to change a lot more than you were able to in 2017.

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Hey guys! Today is the first day of 2018, so I decided to do an article about tips for the new year. 2017 whizzed past so quickly that I don’t remember the beginning of 2017. I want to be able to make 2018 memorable as I have a lot going on such as: exams, my sister’s wedding, visiting Sri Lanka after 5 years, results day and so on. Here are some tips for 2018.


I've learned from experience that drama can be bad, ruthless even and to be honest you don't need experience to know that. secondary school is filled with drama and to be honest they are all petty. It’s easy to get caught up in fights even though you were never included, everyone has an opinion and that's okay but openly stating it about the fight can cause problems. 2017 was a year full of beef and small arguments that dissolved within 2 days. So, keep 2018 peaceful by running the opposite direction of arguments.


Know your mistakes from 2017 and learn from them, make sure you aren't repeating it. if there is one thing you won’t want is to repeat the mistakes, this could just be embarrassing yourself in front of people and so on so just know that doing something you’ve already done and had a negative experience could lead to your demise( I’m kind of exaggerating) DO NOT DO IT. it may be small, but could have a bigger impact. it sounds weird and I honestly can’t explain properly so I’ll just give an example. literally all throughout 2017, even the years before I've been hooked on this guy and we're literally in the same lessons for everything, but he doesn't notice me so in 2018, where it might be the last year with him( if he moves schools) I’m going to try and forget about him and get rid of this silly little crush and focus on myself.

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Now that you've realised the mistakes, leave all that in 2017 because there is nothing good on revisiting the past and think of the what ifs and how else you could of been in that decision ( trust me when I say I’m the type of person to keep thinking of an event where I embarrassed myself and think of what else I could of done and what the those people probably thought of me, even if the even took place years ago) but now that you've realised you're mistakes try to not think of any tragic events that happened, if there are good memories you go ahead and think of it as long as you want but if it comes with a sad memory leave it behind. just know that it’s okay to recall good memories but the bad ones are better left in the past.


It sounds basic and weird but if there are exciting or major events happening this year make a list of those and things that you are looking forward to this year, it would help you stay motivated and you will have an outline of how 2018 will be

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Your friends are your strength, they know you and there are many more years for them to know you fully. however sometimes your friends won't always be able to go to the same college, work in the same place etc. This year will be the last year I go school with all my friends because some of them will be moving to a different school for Sixth Form, so I want to be able to enjoy that time with them and have memorable moments that I will look back on.

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Don't let distance ruin your friendship

That's the end of this article, I hope this helped.

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